ICDT 2018

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International Conference on Digital Transformation: Preservation, Policy and Privacy
29 November- 01 December 2018

National Law University Delhi, India
(A Decade of Excellence)

About National Law University Delhi


The National Law University, Delhi (NLU Delhi), has been established with a mandate to transform and redefine the process of legal education. The University aims to create a sui generis legal education system that is able to chisel a new generation of lawyers who are able, competent and humane and who would permeate not only into the legal system of our country, but also of the world as a whole, so as to meet the challenges of ever-evolving humane society. 
Dynamic in vision and robust in commitment, the University in a very short span of time has shown terrific promise to become a world class institution. In the NIRF Rankings 2018, NLU Delhi was ranked as second best law school in the country with a score of 74.58 out of 100. NLUD has been accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC with a benchmark CGPA of 3.59 on a 4 point scale. We have also been granted CAT-1 status by MHRD for graded autonomy and rank at no. 2 in Delhi and no. 8 in the country as per the NAAC score. The lawyers and researchers of tomorrow trained here are expected to be committed to make the manifesto of 'justice to all' and 'equal access to justice' a living reality and help in the speedy dispensation of justice. 
Visualising the track fared so far; the NLU Delhi is all set to become a University with a difference committed to offer a socially relevant education. The University organised approximate 135 international and national events including conference seminars, symposiums and training workshops in the year 2017. The National Law University Delhi warmly welcome academicians, policy makers, professional bodies and students to be part of such a mega event for discussing and deliberating issues related to digital transformation of educational, social and cultural activities.

Associate Partners

Prof. (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai

Professor and Registrar, NLUD

Jeroen Vervliet

Director, Peace Palace Library, ICJ, Netherlands

Dr. Priya Rai

Deputy Librarian & Head, NLUD

Dr. Akash Singh

Assistant Librarian, NLUD

Message from Civil Association of Legal Librarians  (ACBJ)

Dr. Shantanu Ganguly

Fellow, TERI, New Delhi

Interaction between Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh, Vice Cahncellor, NLU, Delhi with Mr. Antonio Roman, Argentina

Knowledge Partners

Thematic Background

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into different areas, fundamentally changing the way we operate and deliver value to stakeholders. It demands a radical and cultural switch over that requires organizations to continually challenge, experiment, and get comfortable with the future. This new digital landscape has gathered new tools and technologies and range of perspectives on digital transformation not only in the education system, but also in public services through various disruptions, to improvise the sustainable lifestyle using data, information and knowledge.

These stimulus transformations accelerate productivity as well as growth and are instrumental in addressing pressing challenges and harness skills of privacy, security and social interactions. Digital preservation is a formal endeavour to ensure that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable. It combines with three commissions together and integrates such as Policies, Strategies and Actions to fortify access to reformatted and born digital content. Whereas Digital Privacy is a trending social concern, the privacy protection debates have sparked many controversies and bolster issues of social security. 

New age Information and Knowledge Centres are struggling with conflicts over surveillance, secrecy and protection of intellectual freedom in the new paradigm shift which is privacy centric. For effective digital transformation implementation, it is important it should be inclusive, coherent and a holistic approach towards digital rights policy proficient with meteoric pace of changes. This international conference will focus on the discussion and deliberations on many of the issues emerging out in relevance to digital transformation as many sectors of Research and Knowledge industries are still at the early stages of such profound transformation.    

Why Digital Transformation

Digital technology has transformed the landscape of engagement, libraries and information centers, in such a way that impacts every area of knowledge operation. This means managing transition to a digitally driven model isn’t just critical to accelerate speed of information services but it’s crucial to knowledge survival. The top three reasons digital transformation is so important in research and information industries are:

Acceleration of Change – The pace of digital change is rising exponentially, making it very difficult to maintain a position of an information center irrespective of the fields, and requiring an acceleration of new digital innovative solutions to academic and special library centers.

Digital Competition – Publication Companies are under ever increasing pressure to compete digitally, and long established business models are being disrupted by “born digital” start-ups. This competition needs to be cope by various library centers for update their clienteles.

Change in Expectations – Researchers and other patrons expect a good experience across all touch points, a library manager must ensure their interactions are seamless and exceptional.

Change in Access to Knowledge – Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone. The revolutionary change in the content, context and technology. Libraries need to work 24X7 outside the wall to facilitate fast and expedite services to its clienteles.

Conference Objectives

To discuss the rising contemporary issues related to digital disruption in information world
To discuss the issue related to data security and privacy in digital era
To get an exposure of various tools and techniques used in the digital transformation process
Increase opportunities to share innovative practices and concepts across the procession, national and internationally, and among all data centres.
Increase recognition of and support for experimentation with innovative and transformational ideas.
Help libraries and information centres make use of new and emerging technologies by promoting and supporting technological experimentation and innovation.
Increase leadership development and training opportunities designed to support information systems.

Topics of Discussion

Digital Transformation of Information and its impact on Society
Preservation Issues of Scholarly Literature in Digital Era 
Policies, Rules and Regulations framed for handling digital born and digital converted scholarly information.
Privacy Issues arisen using digital information platform.
Copyrights and licensing issues of digital contents
Knowledge management and Role of MOOCs  in Education
Trans border flow of information in digital aeon

Speakers and Delegates

ICDT 2018 would witness the following combinations of speakers from variety of fields.

International Speakers having sound knowledge and expertise in digital information management, social media and other relevant issues.

Ministers/Policy Makers from concern Ministries, Government Departments Experts/Higher Officials from Various Ministries.

Scientists and Innovators contributed in development of Digital Transformation in various aspects of social life viz. AADHAR, E-Governance, Government Public Information Dissemination.

Professors and working Professionals having deep concern about issues like copyrights, privacy and digital right management.

Leading Librarians and Information Scientist doing marvellous in the field of digital information management and dissemination. 

Government of India Official involved in developing MOOCs and Swayam Programmes facilitating free access to education.

Prospective Participants

At the ICDT 2018, we expose and explore the newest and greatest challenges related to the application of emerging technologies today.  The event will include:

Provocative keynotes by pioneers in emerging technologies.

A pane of leaders in digital transformation from India and abroad will share their experiences in this transformation journey.

A diverse crowd of over 500 Professors, IT Professionals, information Science Practitioners, scholars and researchers, entrepreneurs, and students from India and Beyond.

Photogalary of ICDT 2018 CARNIVAL